The more information you are able to tell us, the better ‘match’ we are able to find.

A few points to note:

1. Providing pictures with your application will greatly improve your chances of ‘attracting’ an au pair to your family.  Emailing/uploading any pictures of the area in which you live, local attractions, accommodation, your property/garden, family etc will all enhance your application.

2. We do understand that filling in forms can be a time-consuming activity, but please try to remember this information is all an au pair has to go on (besides any conversation we may have with them) in order to select your family, so the more detailed the information you can give to help him/her build up a picture of your family and the position you are offering, the better.  The same applies to the area in which you live.

3. Many Girls will only have heard of London (and Oxford!) and yet will often have a better and more ‘rounded’ experience of the UK if they accept a position elsewhere – so please try to describe your locality well.

To discuss your requirements and to request a Registration Form please contact us either by phone or email:

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